Refined Research Question

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After much discussion during and after class, I’ve decided to have my refined research question as more of a starting point.  I plan on using the question listed below to help me narrow my research down even more.

How have contraception advertisements evolved from a focus on pregnancy prevention to a focus on pleasure?


Research Questions: Take One

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Topic: The Development of MTV

Research Question 1: What influence did the development of MTV play on the teens of the 1980s?

Research Question 2: How has the MTV corporation impacted the market for young adults?

Topic: Birth Control

Research Question 1:  How did the sale of birth control affect traditional gender roles?

Research Question 2: How has birth control changed the market since being introduced?

Third Blog Assignment: Wish List

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I’m not 100% sure what this post is supposed to include, but when I hear wish list I am assuming that I should put things that I would like to see in regards to my capstone project.

Narrowing my Topic:  After a very productive class discussion over my three topic choices, I’ve realized (with help from Kane) that I need to narrow my topics.  For right now I want to start looking at the development of MTV.  This idea is building more from my third idea about the influence of popular trends and ideas on our society in the United States.  At this point I want to find information about the development of MTV as a corporation, it’s influence on the United States, and where it stands within society today.  (I’ll probably identify some widely known news stories involving MTV as well).

Research Preference: I dont mind using the databases provided by DC, but I struggle on search terms.  As part of my wish list, I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction on what to look for.  I don’t want to just use articles to gain information for my capstone.  I’d like to utilize other types of resources as well such as video, books, magazine articles, etc.  I’m unsure where to look for appropriate materials.