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First Assignment

In Uncategorized on March 24, 2011 at 2:24 pm
In regards to my personal research process, I can classify it as unique compared to my classmates’.  I usually start with a Google search.  This, in my opinion, gives me plenty of results to sift through to get a general idea of my topic.  Wikipedia is typically one of the first results through Google, so it’s usually my first stop.  Wikipedia offers the overview for a majority of subjects, so I rely heavily on it when starting out.
I know the concerns people have with Wikipedia, and it is for that reason that I take the information provided by the site and research it elsewhere as well.  This is when the research process proves to be tedious in my opinion.  Whether it be through Google, a database, or even a book of some sort, I have to skim page after page and line after line to pull out information I find useful to my topic.  This source location and evaluation process takes the most time out of my entire research process because it is the weeding out process of my sources.
I’m sure there are ways I could improve this process to make it more efficient.  By starting at one of the library databases or even contacting a librarian for help, I wouldn’t have to waste time sifting through unrelated sources.  It would narrow my search immediately.  Hopefully this entire process will make my capstone project easier.