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After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided I want to focus on the following three topics as potential capstone projects:

1-Scandal in the White House

Focusing on the rumors and scandals that have circulated the media based on our Head of State since the Kennedy administration.  Scandals included JFK’s potential affairs, the Watergate Scandal of Nixon, Iran-Contra scandal of the Reagan administration, the Bill Clinton affairs (Lewinsky and Jones), all the way through George W. Bush’s wiretapping following the September 11 attacks.

2-Civil Rights Movement

This project will focus on the events leading up to the passage of the Civil Rights Act (1964)and Voting Rights Act (1965). Key civil rights activist will be recognized such as MLK, Rosa Parks, and even Gandhi’s impact on civil rights movements in the United States.  Ideas of civil disobedience and relentless activists will be outlined focusing on the changes in legislation ranging from the 1960s-now.

3-1980s Pop Culture and Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan, former actor and President of the Untied States was Commander in Chief during a time that has defined the culture of not only the United States, but the world.  Such events as MTV, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, first woman appointed to the US Supreme Court, and other popular cultural debuts occurred during his first 4 years in office.  Within the same decade, the Berlin Wall fell as well as the death of Gandhi.  This project will focus on the links between Ronald Reagan’s presidency and popular cultural developments during the 1980s.

  1. Very interesting! Your first two topics are very broad, so they give you lots of ways that you could narrow down and focus in on something specific. Your third topic will likely have very interesting primary source options, since it dives into popular culture. I think that you will find newspaper articles and tv broadcasts about all of these, but push yourself to think outside the box when it comes to primary sources. You will have to carefully evaluate for bias and keep yourself from making ethical or judgement calls if you stick with the scandal topic. All good options! (Ms. DeArmond)

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