Third Blog Assignment: Wish List

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I’m not 100% sure what this post is supposed to include, but when I hear wish list I am assuming that I should put things that I would like to see in regards to my capstone project.

Narrowing my Topic:  After a very productive class discussion over my three topic choices, I’ve realized (with help from Kane) that I need to narrow my topics.  For right now I want to start looking at the development of MTV.  This idea is building more from my third idea about the influence of popular trends and ideas on our society in the United States.  At this point I want to find information about the development of MTV as a corporation, it’s influence on the United States, and where it stands within society today.  (I’ll probably identify some widely known news stories involving MTV as well).

Research Preference: I dont mind using the databases provided by DC, but I struggle on search terms.  As part of my wish list, I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction on what to look for.  I don’t want to just use articles to gain information for my capstone.  I’d like to utilize other types of resources as well such as video, books, magazine articles, etc.  I’m unsure where to look for appropriate materials.

  1. Fascinating choice! MTV has changed so much even from when I was in high school, it should definitely give you a lot to work with. You may find it helpful to narrow down even more once you start reading and researching. It might be good especially to limit yourself to a certain time frame. But for now, this is a great topic to run with!
    I think you will want to look at books about the history and development of MTV as a network. Look them over and read chapters of interest. There are several available in OhioLINK (listed below). Remember that you can still check books out over the summer, and you can even have them delivered to another college library if it’s closer to home.
    These might give you some ideas as to what specific issues with MTV you want to look at (gender roles, voting campaigns, censorship, etc) or even specific events that MTV was involved in. Then you can take these topics and try to find magazine articles, news stories or videos. I would say that you want to explore these before you really start searching for any scholarly articles; it helps to have a good background understanding first, and doing this preliminary research can help you come up with good search terms. And once you get to the article stage, I will be more than happy to help you work with these search terms. We have some great sociology and communication/media databases that will definitely be of use.

    I came across an online collection from the museum of tv that had old videos of MTV broadcasts. The link wasn’t working when I tried to use it today, but I will check back and get it to you when it returns. Looking at actual historical footage of MTV shows will be a cool way for you to do your own analysis and bring in the info you find elsewhere.

    Okay, that’s a lot of information. I’d like to hear what YOU think of it all. How do you feel about this topic? About this first stage of the research process? Please comment here, email me (adearmond@defiance.edu) or stop by to talk with me in person. I would really like to be in touch with you before the summer so that you know what you can be working on to be ready for the fall! (Ms. DeArmond)

    Some Book Titles that may be of Interest (there are more!):
    -Rocking around the clock: Music television, postmodernism and consumer culture
    -Music you can see: The MTV story
    – Dancing in the distraction factor: Music television and popular culture
    -Inside MTV

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