Male Audience


The following advertisement for Durex condoms was used to promote a more entertaining approach to contraception advertising.  This particular advertisement is promoting the brand of Durex more so than a particular style of condom.  It is an excellent example of how condom advertising has evolved from very sober facts and statistics about pregnancy and disease prevention to balloon condoms.


TROJAN® FIRE & ICE® Lubricated Condoms are specially designed for more passion and excitement. This condom is said to help users experience thrilling sensations of pleasure due to “Dual Action Lubricant inside and out to deliver warming and tingling sensations to both partners.”  Trojan is the first company to openly advertise for pleasure instead of pregnancy prevention on a regular basis as shown in the other advertisements provided in this portion of the blog. (www.trojan.com)

This advertisement focuses on condom usage.  The advertisement encourages individuals to “evolve” and use protection every single time they are sexually active.  The 2007 “Evolve” campaign by Trojan caused quite a stir in the advertising industry.  Major networks like NBC refused to air many of the commercials from the campaign because of rules and regulations the networks had in place for decades.  They didn’t want to risk offending viewers by showing the condom advertisements during prime time television times.  The other advertisement takes a different approach to the importance of condom usage by making a mock-public service announcement.  This video once again shows the evolution of condom advertisements into humorous ways to grab the consumer’s attention.  Although done in a mocking fashion, the video does address the public-health issues that most networks were initially concerned with during the original condom advertising era. (www.trojan.com)

TROJAN® Stimulations ECSTASY™ Lubricated Condoms feature a revolutionary design that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom!  Below are four very different advertisements from Trojan for this particular condom to appeal to a wide variety of consumers based on interests.  Once again, the major emphasis in each of these advertisements isn’t pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease prevention but instead pleasure.  The idea of pure ecstasy is the idea suggested to consumers.  So often, a complaint about condoms from consumers is the feel and how it more or less takes away from the pleasures of intercourse, but this particular condom from Trojan suggests that due to a thinner condom, it feels like nothing is there as mentioned in several of the advertisements.  (www.trojan.com)

Trojan® BareSkin® condoms are an amazing 40% thinner than Trojan’s standard condoms according to the company. They’re specifically designed to help you and your partner feel more, so you’ll both feel closer than ever before.  This type of condom focuses on partner pleasure specifically as well as the idea of coming closer together in more ways than one with the sexual partner during intercourse.  It takes a humorous approach to the thinner style of condom to appeal to a wider audience.  Sometimes consumer don’t want facts, they want visuals.  The BareSkin advertisement gives a funny interpretation of how close couples can actually get when using this product.  (www.trojan.com)


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