Female Audience


This advertisement focuses on the female contraceptive NuvaRing.  Prescription NuvaRing is a flexible vaginal ring approved for the prevention of pregnancy in women. NuvaRing contains two different types of hormones: estrogen and progestin.  These hormones work together to prevent the ovaries from producing mature eggs. These are the same hormones found in oral contraceptive pills.  The exact position of NuvaRing is not important for it to be effective. Once inserted, NuvaRing molds to your body and should stay in place. NuvaRing can be accidentally removed during intercourse or another type of motion similar. (www.nuvaring.com)


Mirena is a soft, flexible, intrauterine device (IUD) that releases small amounts of hormone locally into your uterus. It gives you birth control you can count on—that lasts for as long as you want, for up to five years.  This advertisement stresses the fact that Mirena can be removed at any time if you wish to do so before the five years is over.  This kind of device and advertisement is vital to the success of Mirena in the market.  By stressing the ease of getting it inserted and removed whenever the consumer so desires, buyers are more interested in the product.  It appeals to busy women who may not have time to take an oral contraceptive daily or also those who want to take a break from having children.  You can try to become pregnant as soon as Mirena is removed by your healthcare provider unlike many other female contraceptive methods. (http://www.mirena-us.com)


Available by prescription only, for women who choose the Pill for birth control, YASMIN is used to prevent pregnancy about 99% of the time.  This advertisement focuses on the different options women have in their everyday lives that focus around birth control. It should be noted that there are several lawsuits against the company that produces this product currently in the court system. (www.yasmin-us.com)

Plan B One Step

Plan B One-Step® is a backup plan that helps prevent pregnancy after birth control failure. The sooner you take emergency contraception, the better it works. Plan B One-Step is a single pill, so you get what you need right away. It’s the only one-pill emergency contraception available over the counter for consumers age 17 and older.  Plan B One-Step can reduce the chance of pregnancy when taken as directed up to 72 hours after unprotected sex or the failure of a contraceptive device.  This particular advertisement focuses on the fact that women from all backgrounds can utilize this emergency contraceptive.  This type of product is currently very successful in the market because of its uniqueness and effectiveness.  Women like having a back-up plan, or plan b. (planbonestep.com)

  1. very good and interesting ,courtney. plan B hmmm – something different –
    and you can’t beat trojan man! and the monsters!

  2. As I said in my other comment, I think that these videos need to be listed on your bib page. I also think that including more citation information on this page wouldn’t hurt. Putting a title about each video with the product name and the year of the commercial would be helpful.

    I hope you don’t plan to keep this page as a collection of videos with no text. This page could be really effective if you integrate your text with the videos. Use the videos to illustrate your points. As you add text, I think you’ll see that this turns into a monstrously long page. You may want to consider breaking it down further into more than one page – perhaps break it into subjects like condoms, birth control, etc. You could always condense the Home and About pages if you don’t like the double-layer tabs. Come see me if you need help with any of this formatting stuff.

    Ms. DeArmond

  3. Great progress, Courtney!

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