Advertising Age columnist Bob Garfield once wrote: “The information superhighway is quickly overtaking the old media model, particularly among young people.”[i] Garfield brings up an interesting point in regards to changes made in the advertising practices of the last 50 years, and how these new advertising methods are changing the way society, particularly the younger generation, views products.  A major market that has been affected significantly by new advertising practices is that of contraceptives.  Condoms, oral and even emergency contraceptives have made their way out of the darkness of late night television and into prime time slots on major networks like NBC and ABC.  By examining the evolution of contraceptive advertisements, one is able to consider the evolution of the American public from a focus on pregnancy prevention to that of pleasure in regards to contraceptive devices.

[i] Bob Garfield, “Trojan ads will offend only the thin-skinned,” Advertising Age 76, no. 23 (June 6, 2005): 52.

  1. Very strong. Great!

    Ms. DeArmond

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